one explanation

Remember this mural? This page is the original travel maven mission statement. Please see chapter two for the updated flight plan.

Remember this Mission mural? This page describes the original Travel Maven mission statement. Please see CHAPTER TWO for the updated flight plan missive, or read below for an all-original introduction.

I love to travel, and no-one understands my name anywhere I go.

Vaca means cow to Spanish-speakers. Meanwhile, beca means scholarship, and I grew up with the vampires in Pennsylvania.

Bec means beak to the French.

Babka means grandma to serbian girls.

I’m getting ready to head off and embrace my identity as a tourist. Normally, I like to avoid the places in the world where the photographs have already been taken, and made into slideshows.

Next up though, I’ll be writing about four of the most touristy cities in Central America in a neutral-positive tone for an online travel guide. Company business cards are sure to take the mystery out of my name. As Travel Maven of a Large Jet, however, I plan to continue my position representing the absurdity of Americans to whoever wants to tell me a thing or two about their life and their language. I’ll try to report back here.


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