Playing freelancer

When I lived in San Francisco, I used to bike past all the people sitting in cafes in the middle of the day, drinking their coffees and not rushing from one job to the next, and I used to marvel, “How can they possibly be doing that?”

Here in Los Angeles, I’ve become one of those people. It feels like caffeine.

I’ve been tucked into a computer for the past few weeks, typing away to write the On the Move article by the end of this month. By the end of this week! It’s a long time to spend writing an article, but I want to write about so many different things that convincing myself to leave anything out takes some time.

Right now there are just 4 more days until my story pitch closes; if you have any time to take a survey and donate to my project before then, I would appreciate it! Just hit the “Free Credits” or “EARN spot $” buttons on the web page, and answer their questions.

Thanks! I’m looking forward to sharing more local Los Angeles posts next month – with Halloween, Día de los Muertos, and a paper-making workshop coming up. There’s a lot to say about this city.


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