The Ultimate Tigers

Last week, I got to go to school. When I first walked in to the larger and newer office of the afterschool program, I noticed old caricatures of all the staff members in black marker on white paper, taped up on the wall. I scanned the faces until I found the one that had claimed to be me, two and a half years ago… and I still don’t see the resemblance. GLO is the afterschool program where I worked during the endless San Francisco winter of 2007-2008, and the site of my latest On the Move workshop.

Even better, with a feat of mathematical magic the site coordinator and I arranged for my workshop to target the 3rd grade Ultimate Tigers, once upon a time the kindergarten Bumblebees of 2007-2008. The first day of my workshop was a reunion with the students who have shaped the majority of the past two years for me, and they are bigger and brighter than ever. With only two short sessions, we made a Kaavad for the class instead of a banyan tree, telling some travel stories of the group.

I love what happened last week.


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