City of Angles. Angels.

Strange fact : I sort of love Los Angeles. It’s horribly big, but that means there is a space here for everyone. It’s a sprawling mosaic of subcultures, and I’m lucky enough to have friends in subcultural places. It’s just – I just keep meeting all these people doing fantastic things.

I less-than-randomly walked into a community center called CARECEN last Monday, and the woman whose work I interrupted happened to be the director of a K-5th educational program that happens to be based in the methodology of popular education. It’s called Aprendamos, it’s a project of IDEPSCA, and I love it. I love it in that seriously impressed way.

Today I wrapped up a 4-day On the Move workshop with the 60 students there and left a tree of stories swaying, a little unnervingly, in the entranceway. Powerful, colorful stories. I learned so much this week from the students, from the incredible staff, and from my own reactions to the information being shared every day –

so much to consider.


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