This time, I disappeared for a good reason (don’t I always?). Back in PA for 2 weeks, I produced a prototype run of a jewelry line that will benefit Sphoorti over the next few months, and hopefully long term.

I drew the designs of these necklaces from muggulu that children at Sphoorti had drawn for me before I left Secunderabad. A muggu – as it says on that card there – “is a symbol of welcome in Indian culture. These floral designs are drawn on the ground outside of entranceways based on a geometric grid of dots. Traditionally, the delicate white lines are formed by sprinkling rice flour, but contemporary versions often use chalk or paint instead. After practicing the basic patterns, children gradually learn to creatively combine & elaborate on them, forming stunning artwork at a truly grassroots level”.

Of course, all the proceeds go to the designers – at about $20 each, one piece can buy books & school supplies for one child, and selling half a dozen necklaces will fund a year of tuition.

They’re all out at Journeys Spirited Gifts in Lahaska, PA (thank you thank you thank you!) and I’m all out in Los Angeles, trying to be patient.


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  1. I can only say Thank you for your efforts towards raising funds for Sphoorti.Really appreciate it !!!

    I am sure it will go a long way.

    I chanced upon your blog and read this post,and couldnt leave without saying “Thank you”.

    I am one of the many supporters of Sphoorti and associated with them by sponsoring childrens education, visiting them when ever possible and creating awareness for Sphoorti.

    Raja Sekhar

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