Happy belated Earth Day!

To celebrate Earth Day in Hyderabad this year, we had power cuts in the night and a sunny 41.5C (107F) in the day, and our solar cooker test run! We mixed up a big batch of dal to be hot like the sun, with orange carrots & pumpkin, yellow turmeric, and red lentils & chilis.


But, despite these universally positive signs for solar cooking, after an hour the split lentils still weren’t cooked through, and we had to pop them on the gas stove to feed ourselves properly. This is roughly the plan I followed : any suggestions about how we do it better next time?

Hot enough to cook eggs on the sidewalk?



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2 responses to “Happy belated Earth Day!

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  2. Hey Becca,

    Happy Earth Day to you!! There was a really cool solar oven that I can send you a pic of and I know the folks who made it. It looked like a flower facing upwards with the cooking pot in the middle – so it was circular with all sides directing heat instead of the two in your design. It cooked food rather quickly, but lentils are difficult….love, Sarah

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