One of those days

India is a mysterious place. I can chug through spates of normal days, getting strangely little done in exaggerated stretches of time – I recently went to print out a project and at the end, my average speed was 6.6 pages/hr – and then, suddenly, there can be today. Today was one of those kinds of days when things go wrong. I forgot to bring the project I had spent 5 hours printing to show the kids, and I forgot my dupatta. I bashed my knee on the corner of the gas stove at Sphoorti, glue was spilt all over the flooring stones, the temperature hit 42C (107F) even though it was only supposed to hit 40C (104F), one boy’s foot touched another boy’s rice, and I accidentally ate a few bites of a fish curry.

But today was also one of those days when things get done. This is where the mystery comes in. Somehow, improbably gliding over all of these banana peels, we glued and crumpled and cut and arranged and taped and folded and built, pleasantly, with just the right number of children interested and losing interest at any given time, without shouting or sidetracking or fighting over scissors, and came out with this.

Which before that looked like this

which came only after this

and started out just like this.

It’s a solar cooker. We’re going to try it out tomorrow. I’m excited, exhausted, gratified, and sweaty, since today was one of those.


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