Traveling a final mile India-style while viable

I have a question for all of you. Prepare for a little soul-searching, because it’s a big one. Let’s say an opportunity came your way, to jump in a train for 10 hours, a bus for half an hour, an auto rickshaw for 2 hours… to see the biggest banyan tree in the world, recorded in the Guinness Book of 1989 world records if you’d like proof, named Thimmamma Marrimanu after a woman who committed sati 5 or 6 centuries ago and started the tree growing.

Let's say the landscape was beautiful, and curious.

Would you do it?

That’s how I traveled to a southern corner of Andhra Pradesh, and beyond. Finding ourselves only 6 or so hours away from Hampi, next we rumbled our way into a surreal and implausible landscape that sprouts arid stacks of boulders and steamy stretches of banana and coconut trees, welcoming friends and severe primates, ancient temples and rooftop cafes, charming children and holy men, like some unfeasibly diversified garden.

And whose company should I have for all this last-ditch effort to know a little bit of India before I leave? Lucia “two middle names” Graves, turning 25.

Ooops, I mean,



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3 responses to “Traveling a final mile India-style while viable

  1. Sara

    Oh my! I’m so jealous! I’m also pretty embarrassed that I completely missed Lucia’s B-day. I wish I could have been there with you guys!

  2. Lucia

    From the thumbnails you thought I was the mama monkey and you were the baby monkey right? That’s okay, sometimes I mistake myself for a mama monkey too.

    Sara you were missed.

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