It’s amazing –

the things you’ll learn about your own culture when you’re the only person around to explain it. Over the past week I’ve told the story of Passover again and again and again, scouring my memories of photocopied haggadahs for the reasons this night is different from all other nights. The traditions of Jewish practice are very mysterious, here and in the New Jersey of my childhood Passovers, but understanding the symbolism behind those traditions makes the celebration universally accessible.

The first time in my life I went to seek out a synagogue was during my visit to Kochi. Photography was not permitted inside.

The first time I properly made my own matzoh was a few days ago, since Manischewitz doesn’t have too much business exporting to India.

I am proud of myself.

– for a really nice Seder with really special guests.

photo courtesy of special guest A1


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