What happened next

My parents left, and I went to pick on some friends my own age. We visited a touch more of Delhi before we climbed onto that 17-hour train across the desert which gave me such a good opportunity to think.

Humayun's Tomb actually contains over 100 graves, which are mysteriously placed in small clusters throughout the grounds.

The Baha'i Temple in Delhi is surrounded by beautiful, precise landscaping and there is silence inside.

Once we reached double-walled Jaisalmer, out in the western reaches of Rajasthan where the desert turns into Pakistan just nearby, we hurried straight away to fill up our eyeballs with some havelis. These are – how should I explain? This is the front of a house, and it’s carved out of stone.

The haveli is pressed into such a narrow street that it's impossible to frame the entire stretch of carvings in a photograph.

We explored a warren of 7 Jain temples inside the fort, and were not permitted to use the bathroom.

Spiritual bathing only.

The 24 Jain prophets all have the same face, but sit above symbols to differentiate them.

The Bada Bagh Cenotaphs outside of Jaisalmer present an interesting confluence of Hindu pyramids, Mughal onion domes, and the slim windmills that currently power the city, neatly summarizing the shifting allegiances of Jaisalmer over time.

And we came to the camels.

Dream no longer deferred.

Camels are not a disappointment. Neither are Maharajas’ forts, palaces, or color-coded towns.

Can you think of a better city plan than "blue"? I can't.

Other colors are also allowed, though

Sorry about the photo-album format. You try being concise about a place where legends come from.


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