Celestial meddling

Through our tireless research, we at Sphoorti believe we have discovered a significant cause for concern. Our data indicates it impacts much of the world, and particularly tropical latitudes. It seems that a profligate surplus of light pours out of the sky every single day, to such a wasteful extent that it completely runs out before dinner time! This questionable distribution of available light causes many problems, some even worse than eating dinner in the dark.

We have observed two main approaches to combating this problem. The first is by far most prevalent : replace the sunlight with a different light source for as many hours as the users require. This is certainly logical, but other light sources have demonstrated overwhelming tendencies to continually siphon money from users and to considerably damage the environment along the way. The most direct technique is to burn kerosene, wood, or other materials which contribute to air pollution and release unsavory elements into the atmosphere, and is chiefly utilized by those who do not have access to the indirect method of mass-produced electricity (which, of course, carries its own special set of cataclysmic capabilities).

The second approach seems mainly to affect a very specialized group, namely children who are supposed to do homework in the evenings; this approach is simply to do without.

However, we would like to suggest a third approach : what if both these groups could simply divert some of the excess light to last through dinner time and beyond? We have been experimenting with various tools to effect this redistribution.

Our first experiment arose when we took a look at the sun with solar filter glasses, intended for viewing solar eclipses. I brought them back from Mumbai, where an organization called Navnirmiti develops activities & materials to make science and math tactile and visual.  At Sphoorti, some of the kids pointed out that these glasses turn the sun – pop – into the moon.

But it turns out that even if our daytime sky is looking like the night, the sun clocks out at its usual time and we’re back at square one. Then along came tool two.



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  1. usha

    Awesome! You are such a wonderful, descriptive writer….

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