Compost to cow them all

So you’ve heard about the garden. Let me tell you, it is burgeoning.
Now all you victory gardeners, you composters, you champions of the local and the fresh, listen up. Because there was a time when I was planning to start a compost at Sphoorti. I was looking at places to put it, pondering containers to house it, and conducting a generalized survey to figure out if I could get any red bait worms in this unapologetically landlocked city. And one day I was talking to the director of Sphoorti about it, and he pointed out that it might be an issue to build a compost big enough to handle all the organic waste from the kitchen. Because – well, the organic waste goes to help feed the buffalo at the dairy next door. So if Sphoorti stops contributing to their feed, the owner might not be willing to give cow manure free of cost. And the cow manure – well, that’s what fertilizes the garden, of course.

Sphoorti has been quietly making use of a composting system so straightforward that it never occurred to me. Here it is :

I hope I remember to check out the neighborhood buffalo next time I’m trying to sort through a predicament.



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6 responses to “Compost to cow them all

  1. did you heard about Natural Agriculture ??? which is now becoming popular

  2. kt kramer

    Oh the tragedy of first world blinders…we can’t see the forest for the cows.

  3. Becca

    Exactly. Obviously you’ve been walking through the valley of the shadow of cows, too.

  4. Becca

    Oh, and minimuscbe – by natural agriculture, I’m not sure what you mean… I’ve worked on many organic & biodynamic farms, CSA model farms, a rooftop garden, and other “victory garden” style projects – is natural agriculture something different from these?

  5. visit my blog i wrote something abt natural farming

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