Born rambling

Fascinating experience these past few days. Have the story : a good friend from high school has performed a remarkable reappearing act. After 6 or 7 years of our being out of touch for no real reason, she pulled a bus ticket to Hyderabad out of her hat and in a puff of smoke and facebook, there she was at my dining room table. She brought testimony from two years in Turkmenistan (Peace Corps), piles of patience for 3 straight days at Sphoorti (extended Republic Day), and a continuous capacity for coffee (con chili). I finally ticked a few boxes on the concise must-visit list of Hyderabad.

Have a look :

See that I am not the backpacker. It was incredible to talk with Katheryne after so much and so little has changed, and a lot of fun to be a host this once. But – is she trying to challenge my Travel Maven title? Just in case, I’m going to Mumbai in a few days. The real reasons will be a whole different story.



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