OK Kites

Sorry about the delay. Problem was, the day of Sankranti dawned an unbroken grey and the sky looked like this :










until it got dark. I tried to take a picture to show you, but it turns out there’s a little spot somewhere in my camera lens and it didn’t quite convey the emptiness.

Today, though, we had this effect instead :

And we had plenty of other fun news, too, as trickles of children started winding back into Sphoorti from brief visits to their villages. First, though, let me brag just this once. I heard music last night. I heard it coming from Ustad Zakir Hussain’s tablas, with Sabir Khan on sarangi, with Niladri Kumar on sitar, with Taufiq Qureshi on a Western drumset and his cheeks, finally all with all. The most adorable grouping of magnificent musicians you could imagine. They played a fusion concert, but as far as I could tell the important fusion was between them more than between musical genres. This was music that begged for synesthesia; Zakir Hussain played hummingbirds and Sabir Khan played the exaggerated scurrying of tiny ants, and both percussionists demonstrated how the rhythms are birthed from the daily stories of society, although centuries old. They weren’t playing us beats – they were playing us the kind of small epics that you only mention to the friends you chat with every day, the scoldings and the traffic jams and that elephant.

Small, Indian epics.


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