New. Different?

I am so glad it’s a new year. A New Year! And you can imagine how pleased I was to be awarded the job of decorating for the occasion at Sphoorti. Of course, I wouldn’t dream of taking on such a monumental task by myself…

By the way, no one else seems very excited that it’s a new decade, too, but I think it’s awesome.



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2 responses to “New. Different?

  1. satish

    This is satish,born & brought up in hyderabad. Am a student persuing MBA .Priorly my hearty congratulations to all the people of the org. who are serving the innocent pupils there.And I WISH THIS NEW YEAR BRINGS YOU ALL THE SUCCESS and I’ll be glad to serve the children there by all the ways & means I can.Wish I could be a part of your team.

  2. Becca

    Thanks so much, Satish! I hope this new year is a spirited success for your studies, too! You’re welcome to come visit Sphoorti any time you’re back in Hyderabad.

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