The H/B/T ollywood Dream

Over at Sphoorti, we’re working on a movie. That gorgeous literary cityscape just one post below? Consider that a sneak peak. The vehicular backgrounds are two of our sets. The cardboard high rises are becoming our cast of characters, which we’re crafting based on Tolu Bommalata, the traditional shadow puppets of Andhra Pradesh.

Like these.

Now over in Guadalajara, Adapting to Scarcity has gone and produced an auto-organizational movie, which is already online. It’s already here on this page, actually. Watch it in a minute and think about this : Adapting to Scarcity is examining the diminishing availability of clean in a watershed near Guadalajara, Mexico, which originally had as little to do with my project as it sounds like it should. However, take a look at their “About Us” page for a peek at two of my best friends, who flooded me with inexpressibly valuable feedback as we developed our (then very different) projects together in San Francisco. That was over a year ago, and we’ve been surprised to watch our projects, halfway around the world from each other, take on some suspiciously similar characteristics. Documentation has become particularly central to each project, incorporating children’s creativity, photography, and – video.

I’d say this is a case for comparison, once my much less efficient movie machine cranks out a finished product. I’d even say my education in the motion picture medium starts here.


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