“Camels : we call them desert sheep”

The truth is, I had a reason to travel north. Humana People to People is an international NGO engaged in holistic community development. One of their offices is located in Virat Nagar, and staff travel to villages in the region in order to share resources, skill development, and organizational structures. There is healthcare training and mobilization, a solar lighting entrepreneurship program, a “green action” program planting jatropha fences to make biodiesel, and there are 11 schools for around 300 girls who would otherwise have none. Halim Ina is a photographer who has been making portraits of these girls for several years and has begun using this art to raise funds that go directly back to the foundation. I wanted to observe his process, and I wanted to learn about the way that Humana works on a local scale.

I literally laughed, wept, and danced for joy during my three days there. Oh, there are so many pictures I want to show you. I came to see the work –

I began meeting the people –

we shared a few hours and a few chai everywhere we went.

And then we started having fun.



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3 responses to ““Camels : we call them desert sheep”

  1. Philip and Helene

    Becca, your photography just keeps getting better and better! The pictures from the last few posts are just incredible on so many levels. Keep up the good work you’re doing!

  2. Becca! When did your blog become the best thing on the internet!? It’s like a movie that I don’t want to end. Except that I want you to come back to the USA and hang out.

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