Simillimum beheld

When I was small and complaining, my mother used to give me nux vomica.

It worked then and ever since – meaning in homeopathy that something in my nature is akin to nux, and in allopathy that something in my nature is akin to its placebo effect. Either way, it was an emotional moment when we happened across the undiluted, arboreal, and of course poisonous version on my tour of the APFA forest trails this Tuesday.

Strychnos Nux-Vomica

The Andhra Pradesh Forest Academy was established to educate forestry staff from the entire state, and has expanded to include participants from other states, impressive research into medicinal plants, and a division for Children And Forest Education (CAFE). I visited to establish some contacts as I’m planning out a unit that will address environmental sustainability & consciousness. Hopefully the future of my curriculum at Sphoorti will include a little CAFE.



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2 responses to “Simillimum beheld

  1. i’m very pleased to leave a comment, but i don’t have much more than ‘i like!’ to say. i can’t believe i’m saying this, but i wish blogs had a thumbs up ‘i like’ feature like facebook…


  2. Hah!! The real deal. You know, I still use that stuff too. Well, after all, it is this and the like that brought our two families together into an inexorable “Le- Glaser” bond.

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