Does it glitter?

This is the scene I woke up to in my bedroom this morning.

treasure hunting

Of course, it’s my own fault. The students at Sphoorti have done a bang-up job of all the mapping projects I could ask, and late last night/now, I’m documenting our learning process by compiling the lot into clues for a great big Diwali treasure hunt.

I had the most incredible experience observing the children plan out their treasure hunt a couple days ago – those who were interested split into boy & girl groups to decide : A) Where to put two “clues” (which are big maps of the campus collaged out of their own work), B) Where to hide the prizes, C) What the prizes should be. The boys planned for the girls and vice versa, so that everyone can participate in the treasure hunt itself. They were so enthusiastic about creating something for their Sphoorti brothers and sisters, so careful about choosing an appropriate gift, and given the opportunity to pick anything at all for the prizes, both groups chose a big gift for everyone to enjoy as a group rather than individual items. I was blown away.

Happy Diwali! More details after the crackling holiday celebration!



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4 responses to “Does it glitter?

  1. awjrichards

    so cool!

  2. Nice way to exercise the young minds. There is a lot that kids could learn this way, but there is a lot they could teach :-).

    great work Srival…and way to go kids !!!

  3. usha

    Becca, am so proud of you and the dedicated work you are doing. so proud of Srivyal’s work and dedication too!
    We are fortunate to be a team with you guys!! 🙂
    Happy belated Diwali! I was away and unable to email before this!

  4. a chelsea morning indeed!

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