current events

The smell of flooded earth baking into chips in the sun was new to me yesterday on the route to Kurnool.


last week.

Andhra’s Kurnool town faces threat of submergence

Worst flood in 100 years; Kurnool devastated

Breaches in Krishna embankments flood more AP villages

Rain wreaks havoc in South India



flood damage



Yesterday – went to Mennupadu with Manavata to distribute rice, dahl, saris, and dhotis.



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  2. Becca

    I’ve been getting a few questions about sending donations; for me, the biggest challenge was finding an organization I wanted to trust with money. Personally, I am giving funds to two foundations which I have seen in action : Manavata, the group I traveled to the flood-hit area with, and Sphoorti, the children’s home I have been working at regularly. If you would like to donate, & have information for online bank transfers posted on their websites. Use your country-specific bank information; funds from the USA for Sphoorti should go to the JJ Metta Memorial Foundation.

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