These Mappy Pranksters

We would be absolutely pleased to point out for our public : where we’re at. Hyderabad is right –
Here lies Hyderabad


We start with all the supplies we can gather.
materials a-ready

We cut them and glue them and arrange the whole batch just right.
AP tough guys

After drawing our first maps, we’ve been doing a lot of experimenting with materials, scissors, and glue. We have layered fabrics, string, cellophane paper, origami boxes, magazine pictures, small drawings, bits of mirror, and Q-tips onto an assortment of handy canvases.

After the amount of interest in the big map of Andhra Pradesh on the first day of this unit, it seemed that thinking about home communities would be valuable – maybe especially for the children still present at the Foundation over the Dussehra holiday from school. We spent one day displaying favorite things from home over the big map, and the subsequent day applying all these new ideas about materials to make maps of the Sphoorti campus.
eh? eh?

Eventually, we will use them for a treasure hunt. In the meantime, I think we’re finding something perfectly valuable.


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