Tradition’s Sake

Antigua and Panama each got their little picture postscript when I finished, so Granada deserves one too, although I gleefully sent it away two whole weeks ago – the moment is right, though, because it’s only now that I’m gleefully back in California! Simón.

Granada has a thoroughly fun history, not only plagued with pirates but actually burned to the ground entirely by a filibuster (yes, a filibuster) from the United States; William Walker was invited into Nicaragua by Leon, the arch enemy of Granada and the next city over. So Walker took over Granada, declared himself president, was handily recognized by the government of the United States, and set off to conquer all of Central America. Costa Rica appropriately routed his invading troops and Walker fled back to the U.S., stopping on the way to sulkily set fire to Granada and leave a plaque in the ashes reading “Here was Granada”.

Here was Granada :

Granada, Nicaragua

that's the largest lake in Central America, there on the horizon

marks Xalteva, originally the indigenous town next to Granada, now part of the city

church of Xalteva, originally the indigenous town next to Granada, now part of the city

Old Train Station

the old train station has fabulous old trains sitting out back - now it's used as a technical school

Calzada sunset

arched peepholes to the smouldering sunset behind domes; the influence of a name. Granada was the last Moorish city in Spain, so the Spanish colonial architecture incorporates Islamic features


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