Bye, D&D Brewery

something is always flowering

something is always flowering in Honduras

I’m listening to thunder in Antigua now, to my surprise. I’m surprised both that I’m here and that the rain is here – in my mental picture, and in the couple hundred digital pictures I duly snapped and sent in to Wcities, Antigua is unfailingly bright with sunlight.

Yesterday I propelled myself out of bed at 5 a.m. to take 12 hours of buses from Los Naranjos, and that makes being here sudden, and shocking, and sad. I have a stupendous reason for coming here so quick, but she doesn’t arrive until 5:35 tomorrow morning, so today I’m adjusting to all the things that felt permanent after three weeks… being gone. I keep thinking I see someone from Los Naranjos and then feeling that little internal pop when I remember that it can’t be them. I found radiantly valuable friendships back up those mountains in Honduras, and beautiful personalities that I want more time with. It’s becoming more and more puzzling why I’m always leaving these wonderful places.

Let’s try for next time.

the road running past the D&D, umbrella-lit

the road running past the D&D, umbrella-lit

up the mountain, these women know everything. I adore them.

up the mountain, these three women know everything. I'm in awe of them.




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