I’ve seen this place before!

Yesterday I walked into a tienda to buy a few bananas and the woman there walked into her backyard to pick them. Since I only wanted a few.

What world am I in? I am completely delighted to be at a place that’s about to get a lot of mention : D&D Brewery, brewery I said, a hotel/hostel/restaurant/cerveceria located in Los Naranjos, Honduras. I didn’t mention it before but this is where Michelle and I were staying when we went to see the Pulhapanzak waterfall, when I shouting and pointing about all the beautiful mountains down every road, when Michelle found her soulmate Lily and the flattest shoe I have ever seen.

Michelle and Lily gaze deep into each others' eyes

Michelle and Lily gaze deep into each others' eyes

flat shoe

flat shoe

D&D Brewery, I should mention, was booked full when Michelle and I arrived in a nearby town at dusk, and a guy in a store offered to give the brewer a call as we were trying to figure out where to spend the night instead. So Bob, the brewer, drove us back to D&D in the bed of his pick-up and we found ourselves hauling an extra mattress down to the spare room in Bob’s half-built house so we could sleep there. We stayed four nights, and paid Bob with four beers.

Oh but wait, there’s more. What did we do on those four nights? We drank tasty hoppy beers of course, and Bob, the brewer, happens to love playing the blues and I happen to be hauling my guitar around Central America in a disintegrating cardboard case held together with cheap belts and dots of superglue, smacking into innocent people on buses left and right, requiring the breadth of entire streets to walk down, in order to learn how to play a few things. That’s right. I’ll be here for three weeks, and if you’d like to come visit, I’ll be handling your reservation.



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2 responses to “I’ve seen this place before!

  1. Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

  2. I totally agree with mrred, even though he’s a spammer. This is my favorite post yet, the way it starts with the banana thing and ends with news of your new position.

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