Seeing Sights

In Costa Rica we spotted a quetzal –

and we spotted a foosball. I miss you, my Wcities donut.




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2 responses to “Seeing Sights

  1. Lael


    I thought about pancakes the other day, and how much I wanted someone to suggest we eat them with tahini so I could turn up my nose at the suggestion. No one can take your place.

  2. Yes, We/I miss you. I saw your buddy Lauren in the park yesterday, and I was all OMG HAVE YOU BEEN READING BECCA’S BLOG!? And she said, “I don’t use the internet.” And I was like, “Wow, I’m on the internet like 20 hours a day.” To which she replied, “Well, if you ever need a massage, let me know.” To which I was like, “Exsqueeze me?” And then she explained she’s a professional masseuse. Haha!

    P.S. Tomi is a poor, poor substitute for you here at the donut.

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