So what happened in Panamá?

Panama City occupied a whole chunk of time – busily, loudly, hotly, confusingly. It’s halfway a blur : buses whisking us towards and past the places we wanted to go, grappling to understand the churning mass of city at the same time as scribbling it down in a notebook and snapping it up in photographs, a parade of two-day friends and late-night conversations and the strangely uncostumed Carnaval. It’s a city full of pretty views.

Iglesia Carmen

Iglesia Carmen

There were shining points of light : our beloved vegetarian restaurant with leafy greens a-plenty! My favorite agua de pipa vendor! A dreamcatcher!


We paid for 3 nights at our hostel with art. What could be better?


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One response to “So what happened in Panamá?

  1. Philip

    Becca didn’t mention that she and Michelle MADE that beautiful Dream-Catcher!
    Had a great time seeing you in Costa Rica!
    love, philippe and elana (hasta pronto!)

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