Fresh-Air Big Top

Seems like I’ve fallen in with a circus troupe – this wonderful group of people are staying at the hostel I checked into when I arrived in Granada, Nicaragua a couple days ago. The most local member of the whole bunch is their Mexican puppy, Chaya… otherwise they come from Argentina, France, Portugal, and Spain, and they speak Spanish in a rainbow of accents.

Last night I went to see their show for the first time, in the official capacity of Chaya-calmer. It was a playful, rhythm-powered good time, especially since I know all the songs by heart after living with these kids. And just after, a barrel of an 11-year-old steps onto the packed dirt, demands some percussion, lights up his poi and starts spinning fire like a full-grown showman. There were only a few fire-spinners (including our Spanish unicyclist) but I, for one, was impressed. Granada is a good place so far.

Iglesia de San Francisco


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