Nice Places Entice People

Guatemala wall, international truth.

Guatemalan wall, international truth.

I got to talk to one of the original members of the Buena Vista Social Club last night! Granted, he performs with his Guatemalan/Cuban ensemble five times a week in Antigua – but I went to the best performance, Sunday night in a tiny little dive bar that’s not advertised anywhere, and during the break this musical legend sat down across the counter from me and so, of course, I had to say hello. He decided to leave Cuba years ago because it was too difficult to get permission to leave and enter the country… then he lived in a whole series of countries scattered around Latin America and the Caribbean, and came to Antigua eleven years ago and decided to stay here. After a short conversation, he suddenly stood up, motioned “one second” to me, sat down at his drums, and started playing the second set.

Here is the best internet image I could find of him. As it turned out, yesterday was his 64th birthday. I wish I had known while I was talking to him. Happy belated birthday!

Please allow me to leave you with this gem courtesy of the rear-view mirror in the bus we rode to Lake Atítlan last week :

noosed rubber chicken

noosed rubber chicken

and, compare and contrast :

wobbly Dad...

wobbly Dad



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2 responses to “Nice Places Entice People

  1. Philip

    So, first of all, I am SO jealous that you finally got to see that awesome Latin/fusion band in the tiny tiny club.
    Second, the chicken comparison could be very insulting if not that it was so funny.
    Love you, dad (cluck cluck). That’s the way we roll.

  2. Suzanne Albright

    Hi Becca,

    I’ve been following you quietly since Phil e-mailed me your site. I am so proud of you and what you are doing! There’s no better education than travel. Loved seeing your Dad’s picture. I’ve been reciting Annabelle Lee, mostly to myself, for a very very long time. That Poe had a way with words. Didn’t know you loved it too.

    I am sure that must be Jeremy in the boat – what a handsome guy! Please give him my fond remembrances. If you run across any exciting stained glass in that part of the world please share. I’m still teaching and at the high school too. I’ve got a p/t job as a “secretary” for a 76-year-old gentleman in Doylestown who is good to me and reminds me of my own father. Life is good here in the country. I remember you & Helene, Phil & Jeremy so very fondly.
    Love, Suzanne

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