Ready, Go

We have just run ourselves about this side of Guatemala, and these are the stories I’m choosing from : the house on the side of the volcano at Lake Atitlan that we could reach only by boat –view of atitlan

Jack, our closest neighbor, fifteen minutes and two dog packs away, with his garden and his mayan artifacts and his rum and his little juiceboxes – the hike aiming for “around the lake” that brought us eventually to an avocado-laden gift of a tree –



the time I tried rowing the kayuko dugout canoe, and the wind came up and the night fell and we got blown and pushed and wobbled into the reeds and held on with all six hands we had, and finally hauled ourselves to shore where we crouched for an hour, hoped the dogs weren’t too mean and watched the clouds clear until we launched back out, and three hours after leaving made it safely home (even the motorboat had to fight the wind) –

Myles lancha

and then we went to the Pacific black-sand beach for a feliz Navidad, when our hostal had a Santa Clause piñata who was beat into tinder for the barbeque dinner.

Monterrico embarcadero

truck boatski



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2 responses to “Ready, Go

  1. The land of my father. How I wish I could visit Lago De Atitlan right now…

  2. Lael

    I totally saw that moon the following day and thought of you. So “Somewhere Out There.”

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