Pop Quiz

What do these characters have in common? All were featured in yesterday’s parade for the big, carnival sort of festival in San Andrés Itzapa – people in costumes danced to chipper music in a circle, with folks in their regular traditional dress at the ready with fans and water when the heat got too strong. A marimba band performed reggaeton, we went on a big, rickety, and enormously fun ferris wheel, and watched our friend Juan Francisco eat a slice of pizza with ham dressed in ketchup and crema.

This morning, I biked back to Antigua with a group of people headed south – it’s easy to get here (downhill) and wonderful to be on a bike again. Mayapedal is almost too comfortable for me to settle into, with good people and lots to learn. I head back tonight, and tomorrow I’ll be working in the bike shop!


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One response to “Pop Quiz

  1. Whoa, they had a Predator at their carnival?! Who do you think would win a:

    a) rodeo
    b) pie eating contest
    c) spelling b

    Miss ya Becca, your travels sound idyllic!

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