Happy Thanksgiving +1!

Thanksgiving menu, 2008 :
Pilojo beans stewed with carrots
Sweet-spiced camote with coconut
Sautéed green beans with pepitorias and raisins
Corn on the cob
Garlic mashed potatoes
Fruits I’ve seen before and fruits I haven’t salad

pairs perfectly with cuba libre, cuba libre, cuba libre
Finish with a slice of macadamia nut pie
Thanksgiving discussion, 2008 :
a) “What is this?” Expert advice and assistance provided by the happy lady in the black apron.

Catarina y Jennifer, Thanksgiving
b) “My brother works for Takashi Murakami.”

Murakami wall

Murakami is a wildly successful Japanese modern artist, influenced in equal parts by the Andy Warhol pop-art movement and millennia of Japanese artistic tradition. I was looking at this house a couple days ago and thinking about a series of his work which incorporates the ancient Japanese art of nihonga, which involved painstaking layering and careful sanding away of color after color after color…

c) “What’s in this?” (cinnamon, chili, cumin)

d) “To what extent has the United States succeeded/failed as a nation on political, historical, and sociological grounds?” Half of our guests were Guatemalan, though, so the correct answer was to go wash dishes so everyone could go home.

AND : I’m moving today to a town called San Andrés Itzapa, to stay for two weeks and volunteer at Mayapedal. Less internet. Fewer tourists. More bikes. More soon.


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