What’s a weekend like?

The riot of traveling is well-begun : the moment of almost physical shock at the calendar’s impression that only a few days have gone by when it’s obviously been a brief lifetime. The city has shrunk from a vast directionless expanse to a walkable grid. Since the end of this week’s Spanish classes, there has been the cuba libre happy hour before dinner, the bar-hopping Friday night of startling tourism, new friends, and live music, the 9 a.m. wake-up call from an old friend who has happened to find herself in the Parque Central, just a few blocks from the bed I had planned to stay in a while longer.
Yes, to whom it may concern, I have seen JESSICA ARNETT. She is beautiful, happy, and squeezable, riding a bike she built herself, and oh-so-here-in-Guatemala. We had time for lots of hugs and a little catching up, and I will be seeing much more of her after next week.
She pedaled off, and I headed for a concert that evening, organized to benefit Niños de Guatemala (www.ninosdeguatemala.org), a local NGO. There were musicians from Antigua playing the blues, a great DJ, some famous pop singer from El Salvador with his white-satin clad, booty-shaking maraca-man, and the Garifuna Collective (Belize) performing with the Umalali Project (Guatemala) in honor of Andy Palacio, 1960-2008, who created the Garifuna Collective and was a leading activist for the rights of the Garifuna people. On Saturday, it all meant amazing dancing to Afro-Caribbean influenced music on the grass. Check out the video below, newly released by the Umalali Project… and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!



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2 responses to “What’s a weekend like?

  1. Daniel

    Becca! I’m in the bay area with Lucia and we both miss you dearly. Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time, and have fine-tuned your diction and imagery — it makes me very happy for your experiences! xoxo

  2. Sarah

    You, Jess, bikes and Garifuna music. What more could one possibly ask for? We miss you!

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