Antigua, Guatemala, to start

Okay, I got here! Antigua, Guatemala is paved with cobblestones and populated by little fountains in public squares, and three volcanoes loom in the not-so-distance; don’t worry though, some things stay the same. I want, as always, for it to be warmer, and my closest friend so far is 7 years old. It’s a good thing kids these days don’t have manners : he started talking to me twice through my studied plane concentration on books and music, and then we chatted for a few hours. We were both coming to Guatemala for the first time, and we were both excited and nervous. Him, excited because he’ll be getting a pet rabbit from his grandmother as a welcome to his new home, while I’m excited to begin studying Spanish, to see a new country, to hear new stories from new people, and nervous – we’re both starting brand new lives, but Groensi was more occupied with flying for the first time. Despite his worries that the plane was going to crash, we spent the entire descent arguing about whether the pilot was taking us up or down.
Guatemala from the air is verdant beneath piles of popcorn clouds, even Guatemala City. The capital is enormous, but not unbroken. Buildings cover flat plateaus up to the point where the land plunges to a slim winding stream, or where a slim stream used to wind. After the plunge, the trees drape down to the bottom with thick, deciduous green. Groensi, after hearing I would be writing for a travel guide, decided he would tell his teacher that he’d be doing the same project, and helped me out with some ideas. Although he was born two years after his parents moved to the States, he was able to describe Antigua with the same concision that he employed to describe the Incredible Hulk movie (by skipping to the end scenes).
Antigua according to Groensi : The city is new and we can play with a ball and we can go for a ride in a car.
Antigua from my windows :

Don't know what this is yet...

Up the street



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2 responses to “Antigua, Guatemala, to start

  1. YOU!
    i miss.

    thanks for having a blog!!!

  2. Linnea!

    hello my love! what a wonderful blog! how exciting! i want my grandmother to give me a pet rabbit! talk soon!

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